Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Training on Judgment Writing, 16th - 20th October, 2017

Nature of the Course         

This course is meant for newly appointed judicial officers and those already in practice. For newly appointed judicial officers, the course is intended to orient as well as equip them with skills for writing good judgments. As a continuous professional development course for trial judicial officers, it is aimed at deepening their competencies in adjudicating disputes brought before them. These competencies shall enable trial judicial officers resolve disputes in a timely manner, thus reducing backlogs in the Courts.

Course Aim


To develop among judicial officers the knowledge and skills of writing reasoned, fair, balanced and concise judgments. 


Course Objectives


This course is designed to develop among the Magistrates, Registrars and trial Judges, knowledge, skills and attitudes in:-


·         identifying issues for determination/resolution in judgments.


·         applying the law to facts in the judgment.


·         communicating effectively through court decisions and orders.


·         writing well-structured, concise, clear and well-reasoned judgments.


·         critiquing sampled judgments.


Learning outcomes


At the end of the course participants should:-


1.      demonstrate eagerness to write judgments.


2.      determine disputes effectively through well-researched and reasoned judgment.


3.      reduce case/judgment backlogs in courts through timely delivery of judgments.


4.      write concise and clear judgments.