Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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 The Small Claims Procedure was established to adjudicate over claims whose subject matter does not exceed ten million shillings such as, matters arising out of supply of goods, debts or rent. Implementation of Small claims Procedure commenced in 2012 with 6 pilot Courts but has been rolled out to an extra 20 Courts as of December 2015. This brings the total number of operational SCP Courts to 26.

The Objectives for the Small Claims Procedure Training

  A well conducted Small Claims Procedure will enable participant appreciate the benefits of the implementing the Procedure and adequately prepare them for challenges they may face during the implementation of the Procedure.

 The training will address the following specific objectives: -

  1. Introduce participants to the rules for the implementation of the Small Claims Procedure ;
  2. Introduce the participants to the best practices applied in the implementation of the Procedure ;
  3. Train the participants in the Small Claims Case Management System and data management.
  4. Expose participants to practical experience in implementation of Small Claims Procedure through  moot sessions
  5. Share with participants  the potential benefits of implementing the Small Claims Procedure
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