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Colloquium of Judges on Insolvency Law in Uganda, 17th-18th November, 2016

The Colloquium was opened by the Hon. Principal Judge of Uganda, Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine on 17th Novenber, 2016. Present were Executive Director of the Judicial Studies Institute, Justice Dr. Henry Peter Adonyo, Judges of the Courts of Judicature, the Chairman of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) Board, the Director General of URSB, Chief Magistrates among others. The lead facilitators for the colloquium are from the USA and UK. These are Hon. Justice Elizabeth S. Stong and Mr Justice Alastair Norris respectively.

Objectives of the Colloquium

The colloquium will present a broad range of insolvency issues, practical experience and perspectives from diverse legal systems and traditions.  Insight will be given on the history, development and aims of good insolvency laws, concepts in international insolvency law and international initiatives aimed at developing a more harmonized insolvency system.


The Colloquium on Insolvency Law is spread out for two days from the 17th-18th November 2016. It targets Judges, insolvency practitioners, bankers and insolvency regulators. . The specific objectives are;

 Exploring the tools of debt restructuring and business rescue.

  1. Provide a platform for high level discussions between the participants on national insolvency laws and global developments in insolvency law.
  2.  Encourage sharing of Insolvency experiences in an open forum.
  3. Creating awareness of the insolvency law and the application of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency.
  4. Highlight the role of the different categories of participants in respect of corporate insolvency.
  5. Build capacity of the participants in handling debt restructure in the context of corporate rescue and cross border insolvencies.
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